Seeding and Sod

We've Got the Secret to a Beautiful Lawn

We've Got the Secret to a Beautiful Lawn

We offer seeding and sodding services in Louisville, KY

Every beautiful landscape needs lush, green grass. You can have an abundance of beautiful plants and flowers, but your yard won't look its best if it's filled with dry or patchy grass. Get in touch with First Nature Landscapes today to make an appointment for seeding, sodding or lawn aerating services in the Louisville, KY area.

What makes our sodding services stand out?

Anyone can install sod in your yard, but only First Nature Landscapes offers superior sodding services at reasonable rates. Here are three things that set our sodding services apart:

  1. The sod we install is locally grown and weed-free.
  2. It's full of nutrients that will keep your yard green and lush.
  3. We also offer lawn aerating and grading services, and we'll add topsoil before we install your sod.

We also offer power seeding services. Seeding and sodding are two different ways to fill your yard with grass, and each technique has its unique benefits. Contact First Nature Landscapes today, and a landscape contractor will help you choose the option that works for you.